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Soles for do-it-ydourself slippers


In many Alpine valleys, it’s an age-old tradition to make their own unique slippers. This requires high-quality, robust felt soles and an upper part that can be knitted, crocheted, or sewn from loden fabric. The upper part is then sewn onto the sole, and as of recently, also fixed with hot glue.

We cut out slipper soles from our robust Haunold® fulled felt, which you can then finish yourself. The soles are made of 100% natural wool from the Tyrolean mountain sheep in South Tyrol. They provide warmth, are breathable and temperature regulating, as well as durable. The foot shapes the footbed made-to-measure so that the felt slipper soles offer top comfort.

The production of slipper soles has a long tradition in the old hatmaker’s workshops. It’s no coincidence that older locals ask in our shop for “huita soles” (soles from the hatmaker).

Warm, breathable, and durable slipper soles made of extra-strong fulled felt. Ideal for sewing on your handcrafted slipper upper part.

Material: Haunold® wool felt made from Tyrolean mountain sheep wool

The grey slipper soles are cut one size larger than standard.

Grey, with light brown tinge: Felt thickness approx. 12 mm

Natural white: Felt thickness approx. 10 mm