Care Instructions

Real wool felt made of 100% new sheep's wool is a very resistant material: the naturally contained lanolin surrounds the individual wool fibres and thus offers a natural protective barrier against moisture and dirt.

The strength of our wool felt also prevents the immediate penetration of dirt particles and moisture.
Essentially, wool cleans itself in the air. That is why we recommend ventilating our wool products regularly, ideally in humid weather.

If the felt is still dirty, please clean as follows:

1. Remove all loose dirt particles with a brush or a vacuum cleaner
2. Dissolve a small amount of liquid wool detergent in water at approx. 30 degrees
3. Brush off the felt with this solution until the dirt loosens
4. Then rinse the felt with clear water
5. Wipe the excess water from the felt or stuff a cloth into the felt slippers so that they stay in shape
6. Put the felts in their original form individually and in an airy place to dry (possibly on a towel), away from heat sources and not in the blazing sun.

Please do not wash wool felt in the washing machine and do not submerge it completely in water, as it could contract and lose its shape!

If necessary, you can also steam the cleaned felt: please cover the felt with a damp cotton cloth - then you can iron the felt while hot!