A look backward

  • The historical residence of the hatmaker Zacher in San Candido, 100m from the pedestrian street, at the foot of the Baranci mountain.
  • The shop of the hatter Zacher at San Candido is rich in tradition and in colourful accessories such as hats, berets, gloves, for men, women, and children.
  • In Zacher’s hat store in San Candido you find a huge selection of fine handmade hats, berets, gloves, scarves, felt slippers and accessories – all are handcrafted, all are made of natural materials such as wool and cashmere.
  • Christina arranges men’s hats at Zacher’s hatmaker store in San Candido.
  • Find in our shop all the handmade HAUNOLD® felt accessories for your home!
  • the staff of the hatmaker’s store Zacher: Doris, Christina, Hedwig and Miriam


Creating something with your own two hands - this feeling has shaped the Zacher family since 1560. Back then it started with the tanner's trade - today they focus on felting natural sheep's wool. A real good feeling.

San Candido without the craftsmanship of the Zacher family? Inconceivable. Josef Zacher, great-grandfather of the current generation, played a major role in this little town. It was he who made the change from tanning to hat production. The raw material for the hats that were sold across Europe: wool that was made into felt. Business was good until the First World War, which also hit the Zacher family. Nevertheless, production continued on a small scale before switching to soles, felts and slippers in the 1930s. Today they are the flagship in the shop right in the center of San Candido. And the hats? The whole production is still in the old Hatter's House. They are and will always remain a part of Zacher.



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