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Hot water bottle cosy


Warm and naturally comforting: our high-quality wool felt cover made of merino virgin wool covers the hot water bottle and gives a cuddly feeling of well-being. As wool felt has excellent thermoregulation properties, the soothing warmth is evenly released and stored for a long time. The natural material provides a pleasant skin feeling and protects against burns.

The cover is made of handcrafted, natural Haunold® fulled felt; suitable for 2-litre hot-water bottles or the heart shape with a capacity of 0.7 litres.

We exclusively use “FASHY” hot water bottles made in Germany. TÜV tested, with CE marking, odourless, recyclable, and with extra-large filling thread for safe filling of hot water.

Outer dimensions: approx. 36 x 26 cm, capacity of 2litres

Outer dimensions hot water bottle heart: approx. 27 x 28 cm, capacity of 0,7 litres

The felt decorations are pinned, not glued.

For the hot-water bottle, we attach the following decorations: on one side, a large decoration and on the other side two small decorations.

For the heart hot-water bottle, we pin two heart decorations on one side, as shown in the picture.