Virgin wool, water, soap, steam, and pressure or vibration – combined with our centuries of experience, craftsmanship, and great passion – those are the ingredients of our natural Haunold fulled felt. The term “fulled felt” is used for felt made purely of wool. However, the terms “wool felt” and “natural felt” are also commonly used.

Whether as slippers, a mat for the table or bench, a versatile basket or simply for decoration – our natural felt offers unrivalled comfort as a material used for slippers – but not only! It can also be used in the living area for a number of purposes, and not to mention, it’s a real eye-catcher!

Our Haunold fulled felt is ...
- wonderful to touch, easy to clean, and durable
- temperature regulating and insulating
- water and dirt repellent from the outside – from the inside, it releases moisture to the outside
- sound and odour absorbing
- strong and durable
- flame resistant
- 100% biodegradable