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Felt slippers with heel

Velvet ribbon

The original Haunold® slippers for men and women are made of 100% breathable virgin sheep wool. The thick felt sole is made of durable wool from Tyrolean mountain sheep; the soft upper part is made of fine merino wool. The felt in this model is reinforced at the heel with an extra layer of wool for even more support. The additionally felted, 8 mm high heel ensures extra comfort.

Haunold® felt slippers always keep your feet warm and dry, they are breathable and neutralise odours. They keep their fit for a long time and are easy to maintain.

Sole thickness: approx. 12 mm

Heel thickness: approx. 8 mm

Upper part thickness: approx. 4 mm

Heel thickness: approx. 6 mm

The felt slippers with heel are true to size. However, if in doubt, please select a size larger because our fulled felt moulds itself perfectly to your foot but does not stretch.