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A handmade natural product

For our original Haunold® fulled felt, we only use 100% virgin sheep wool. Fulled felt is one of the oldest materials used by man and yet also stands the test of time and remains trendy. No wonder: it’s a sustainable natural product with truly impressive qualities.

We carry out all stages of production in our factory, from washing the wool to the finished product. The natural wool is broken down into small flocks. Using a carding machine, we comb the wool into loose fleece. With the help of water, heat, steam, and friction, the rough felt is created in the vibromachine. Then the traditional fulling mill from 1901 is used for crushing and pounding the felt until it becomes the firm and smooth Haunold® fulled felt. Each felt sheet is unique! Since we manufacture each individual product by hand, we focus on a limited range of felts.